A downloadable fantasy console for Windows, macOS, and Linux

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ECoS is a modern fantasy console based around the solid foundation of an Entity-Component-System architecture (ECS). Once learned, the use of an ECS can make game development and prototyping much faster and keep your code much more modular, making it easy to reuse, alter and extend any part of your games.

To further enhance this modularity, ECoS allows for splitting your game code into multiple files, using the special 'USE' function to load them into other files (see "ECoS-API.txt" in the downloads, or visit ECoS Documentation - API Reference).

Originally made for the Fantasy Console Development Jam 2017

ECoS features a full game development stack, including an image editor for drawing the game sprites, a synthesizer/tracker for making sound effects and music, a basic level editor for designing the game level, and a text editor for writing the game code.


ECoS runs a 60 FPS, with a 128 by 128 resolution 1-bit display (5x scale); a limit of 255 sprites of 4 by 8 pixels, each with an additional 8 bits for flags; 1 level/map of 256 by 32 tiles (each tile consisting of to consecutive sprites); a limit of 64 sound effects/melodies of 64 nodes, each using one of 5 waveforms; the ability to build games into single file cartridges that include all the resources and files for the game to run; and the ability to mount cartridges from a file into memory.


ECoS currently has seven different modes/editors:

  • A Terminal/Command Prompt for general accessibility.
  • A Text/Code Editor for writing game code.
  • A Sprite/Tile Editor for drawing the game art.
  • A Level/Map Editor for building the game world.
  • A Tracker/Sequencer for creating the game music.
  • A Synthesizer/Waveform Editor for making sound effects.
  • A Game Mode for running the games.


Games in ECoS are written as regular Lua 5.1 code, but without the standard libraries. Instead, ECoS provides the following functions and constants, which are found in the file "ECoS-API.txt" when downloading, or by going to ECoS Documentation - API Reference.

For more info, visit the documentation at: https://mljware.github.io/ECoS-Documentation/

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
Made withLÖVE
Tags1-bit, 2D, entity-component-system, fantasy-console, LÖVE, lua
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
AccessibilityColor-blind friendly


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ECoS-win64.zip 3.8 MB
ECoS-win32.zip 3.4 MB
ECoS-macosx.zip 6.1 MB
ECoS.love 54 kB
ECoS-API.txt 13 kB
ECoS-terminal.txt 2.3 kB

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Application Permission Denied error on startup on MacOS

The Fantasy Consoles Discord server is back!

As of now, we have dedicated channels for:
(33) Fantasy Consoles
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(7) Game Creation Systems.

ECoS is of course included.


Dev still around? I think you made something really cool here. I have revisited this a few times over the last several days. Would love to develop on this platform. Any interest in maintaining this project again?

I had some trouble getting into the tracker mode on the synthesizer. The documentation says to press tab to switch back and forth from tracking and wave pattern editing, but it turned out to be Shift+tab. Would love to see some example programs


Do you have any examples?


cool console!