ECoS v0.1.0 released

It's now been over 4 years since I created ECoS for FC Dev Jam, so I guess it's high-time it got an update.

This new version mainly consists of a few bug fixes and stability improvements, including a revamp of the codebase to use the newest version of the LÖVE framework.

One notable addition in this version of ECoS is the addition of the new CARTSDIR terminal command, which can be used to open the folder storing the build cartridges in your native system's file explorer.
With this command it is now much easier to share cartridges with others: Once a cartridge has been build using the BUILD <file> command, the CARTSDIR command can be used to immediately be taken to the folder containing the build cartridge, which can then be easily shared. Anyone receiving the cartridge can likewise use the CARTSDIR command to open the folder and simply drag the cartridge file into it, at which point it can be mounted with MOUNT <file> and subsequently run using RUN CART.

Another thing worth highlighting is the addition of a tutorial to the online documentation, which can be found here. Hopefully this tutorial will make it a little easier to learn how to use ECoS.
(Note that the online documentation has moved to a different site, due to technical difficulties with the old site.)

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