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Marsh Mallow Meadow is a farming simulation, role playing game, currently in early development.


  • Arrow keys or WASD to move around
  • E or X to interact/engage with objects
  • Q or I to open/close the inventory
  • R to C to open/close the crafting menu (this may change in a future update).
  • 1 to 9 to select the corresponding item in the itembar.
  • Vertical mouse scroll to change item in itembar, or switch to another slice of the inventory.
  • Mouse left-click to use a tool on a tile, or use your sword in a given direction.
    • In the inventory, left-clicking allow you to move items around.

Current Features:


  • Crossbreeding is a core mechanic in Marsh Mallow Meadow, that allows for the creation of stronger, higher quality crops, with better yield per harvest, better resistance towards pests, faster growth, etc.

  • Crossbreeding is used to improve the stats of plants. These stats include:
    • Quality: The overall quality of the plant, sum of the other stats. This value affects how well the produce will be perceived as a gift by the towns folk, as well as how well it sells for when put in the shipping box.
    • Purity: How "pure" the plant is. Crossbreeding the same seed type can increase the purity, and make it more appreciated when gifted. Very pure plants are less likely to rot from being left unharvested, however they have a larger risk of getting infected when doing so, unless treated with pesticides.
    • Yield: This stat effects how well the plant yields when harvested. The higher the yield stat, the more likely the plant is to yield either a large crop, or multiple crops (depending on the type of plant).
    • Growth: This stat effects how fast the plant is ready for harvest. The higher the growth stat, the faster the yield can be harvested.
    • Resilience: How resilient the plant is towards pests and diseases (not implemented yet). The more resilient a a plant is, the less likely it is to get infected.
  • How it works: Plants planted in the cardinal directions of a crossbreeding rod, once fully grown, will have a small change to spawn seeds with mixed/improved stats on the crossbreeding tile.


  • It is possible to craft items, by guessing/knowing the right combinations of items, and having the particular amounts available.

  • Recipes:

    • 10 Stones + 1 Wood = 1 Campfire
    • 1 Coal + 1 Fiber + 3 Wood = 6 Torches
    • 10 Coal + 1 Fiber + 10 Iron = 1 Lantern
    • 7 Fiber + 6 Iron + 18 Wood = 1 Crossbreeder
    • 1 Sugar Beet = 3 sugar
    • 7 Sugar + 4 Marsh Mallows (flower) = 3 Marshmallows (sweet)

Other Features

  • Stamina depletes 3 times faster doing rain.

  • Stamina can be regained by eating produce (vegetables, fruits, berries).
    • Different produce restore different amounts of stamina.
  • Day-night cycle: Each four hours in-game corresponds to one minute real time.

    • Colors in game change from dark blue at night to warm red/white at mid day.

    • At the end of each day, a summary of what's been shipped, and what been earned is shown.

  • Materials:

    • Wood; obtained by chopping branches with the axe.

    • Stone; obtained by breaking rocks with the hammer.

    • Fiber; obtained by removing weeds with the hoe.

    • Coal; has a small change of being found when breaking rocks in the caves.

    • Metals; copper, iron and gold has a small change of being found when breaking rocks in the caves.

  • Plants:

    • Different plant/seed types: Currently the game features cayenne pepper, bell pepper, cabbage, mais, onions, and garlic. Each type of plant has different growth criteria, and takes different time. For instance, some plants grows badly in rains, while others thrive.

    • Re-harvestable crops: Some plants can be harvested several times throughout the season, whereas others are only once per seed.

    • Plants are seasonal, and will not be able to grow out of season (they disappear the following day).

  • Tools:

    • Shovel: The shovel can be used to remove grass patches (not weeds) from the ground, leaving the dirt to be potentially tilled with the hoe. Furthermore, the when using the shovel on grass, there's a small change to find normal seeds (not necessarily seasonal). The shovel may also be used to convert tilled soil back to dirt -- careful not to use it on a tile that's planted on, as this will cause you to lose the crop!

    • Hoe: Used to convert dirt into soil ready for planting. Can also be used to collect fiber from weeds.

    • Watering Can: Used to irrigate soil. Irrigated soil yields a faster harvest. Can be refilled by using it on a water tile.

    • Hammer: Used to break rocks into stones. Also used to obtain metals from rocks in the caves.

    • Axe: Used to chop branches and wooden floor tiles.

    • Spray Can: Currently unavailable. Will allow you to cure infested plants. Limited number of usages.

    • Wooden Floor: Currently unavailable. Decorative tile, can only be placed on dirt tiles. Can be broken with the axe.

    • Stone Wall: Currently unavailable. Decorative obstacle, can only be placed on floor tiles. Can be broken using the hammer.

    • Seeds: Planted in soil, tiles that are not soil will not consume seeds.

  • Stamina as the main dependency; all actions depletes a small amount of stamina. Once You're out of stamina, you re-spawn next to your bed, the following day, but with only 70% of your stamina regained.
    • Certain items can be eaten to regain some stamina.
  • Animals: Currently disabled. A cow, dog and cat randomly roams the farm. The cow can be milked using the bucket, however the resulting Bucket of milk cannot currently be used nor sold.

Upcoming Features:

  • irrigation systems/sprinklers

  • Stamina as the main dependency; all actions depletes a small amount of stamina; this includes being hit by enemies. Once You're out of stamina, you re-spawn next to your bed the following day (except for hardcore in which you have to start all over)

    • All creatures in-game will have their own stamina, including NPCs and animals.
  • Music, sound effects, and ambient sounds.

  • Saving and loading of game state.

  • Customizable key configurations.

  • A huge bunch of other plants/crops/seeds.

  • Possibility to customize the player avatar, including
    • Hair style and color.
    • Gender.
    • Style of clothing.
    • Skin tone.
    • eye color.
  • Status effects, including: Being poisoned, which makes you're character move slower, and stamina to deplete faster. Being energized, from consuming caffeine, or lots of sugar; note that being energized for too long, may cause your character to black out.

  • Fertilizer for faster harvest of certain crops.

    • Using too much fertilizer may cause areas of the farm to become toxic, and will need detoxification.
  • Insecticide; some crops may get infected; using insecticide on these crops cures them.

    • Industrial pesticide will be purchasable in the store, and organic insecticide will be possible to craft once the recipe is learned.

    • Unnecessary use of pesticides may cause areas of the farm to become toxic, and will need detoxification (only applies to industrial pesticide).

  • Tools, electronics and machinery:

    • Tractor: Allows for faster harvest of large areas, but will require fuel to work, and may need repairs from time to time.

    • Churn: Can be used to convert milk to butter that can either be sold or used as an ingredient for crafting/baking.

    • Television/radio: For news broadcasts, and weather reports.

  • Procedurally generated cave system, with multiple layers.

  • Monsters/wild animals in the caves and at night.

  • Wild animals may trample on you crops if they're not properly fenced in.

  • Capturing and taming of wild animals.

  • Running: Running depletes your stamina faster, but makes you move considerably faster.

  • Local Town and NPCs.

  • Ability to lift items up from the ground.

  • Graphical improvements, including animations when using tools, animated water.

  • Fishing, cooking and gene-splicing mini-games.

  • More animals, and usages thereof.

  • Several independent storylines, including both a farmer and warrior storyline.

  • Natural Disasters: Hurricanes

  • Plants will start to rot if left unharvested (not on easy difficulty, see below)

  • Tool upgrades: Tools can be upgraded to cover larger areas, require less stamina, do more damage, etc.

  • Weather reports:
    • Unlike in the Harvest Moon series, Weather broadcast in-game won't be 100% accurate. Instead, you'll need to combine them with indications on the previous day (I'm sure you'll be able to figure it out :) )
  • Splitting items in the inventory.

  • Multiple difficulty levels:
    • Easy: Great for newcomers to the genre. Plants never rot, items never spoil, stamina depletes slower, enemies do less damage
    • Normal: The most balanced difficulty setting. Plants only rot after a long period, stamina depletes at a regular level, and enemies do moderate damage.
    • Hardcore: For the adventurous. Plants rot a few days after they're ripe, items in the inventory spoil after about a week, enemies does maximum damage.

Known problems:

  • Stones/weeds/flowers/wood may spawn in front of you door when the game is first loaded, causing you to get stuck when walking outside. This problem can be solved by using you tools on the obstacles, however.

    • Similarly, these items may spawn under buildings, or below the shipping box.
Published Jun 14, 2017
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
GenreRole Playing
Tags2D, farming, LÖVE, Pixel Art
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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